Comparison to Water Coolers

Item Cooler-Bottle AWG
Absolutely pure drinking water every time No Yes
Sterile water dispensing environment No Yes
Recurring water purchases Yes No
Floor space needed to store 5 gallon jugs or cases Yes No
Employee pains & strains from lifting 40 lb jugs Yes No
Adding to 38 billion plastic bottle in dumps each year Yes No
Contributing to depletion of natural water resources Yes No
Water free of contaminants, bacteria & viruses No Yes
Acts as dehumidifier and air purifier No Yes

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GR8 Guide to Air from Water Basics

This guide increases your familiarity with some important technical and scientific aspects of water-from-air machine operation. This makes you a better informed purchaser and user of the equipment. The knowledge in this guide helps you make cost-effective decisions about using the freshwater resource that resides in the moist air all around us.

GR8 Water Pricing

Water-from-air (WFA) machines (also called processors of atmospheric water vapor or atmospheric water generators) change the phase of water from gas to liquid. There is an associated energy cost. In tropical regions, for commercial or industrial scale machines, the energy cost of water-from-air is typically 0.4 kWh per liter.