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Greenhouses & Grow Containers

Greenhouses & Grow Containers


Container Plant Factory adopts modular design, that‘s to say it is a set combination of modular plant factory and designed specifically for vegetable planting, which allows units and individuals, who engaged in the agricultural cultivation of plants to customize for factory space according to their needs. It has many advantages such as flexible module combination, easily moved, mass production, storage in advance, etc.

Container Plant Factory can be directly used in the open air, and we still suggest setting it in a ventilation place with a Building facility in order to reduce operational energy consumption. The suitable working temperature of Container Plant Factory is -20℃- 40℃, when exceeding this span the energy consumption will increase significantly and may cause damage to some equipment in the container. And the humidity should not be higher than 99% (without dew), in order to avoid corrosion of the container body surface and affect its life time.

The size of this Container Plant Factory is 40HQ container, and one set of container plant factory vegetable production module is consisted by seven container plant factories, one of them is for seedling nursery, another six containers for vegetable matures.

The configuration of a single Container Plant factory is as followings:

Cultivation system, nutrient solution circulation system, supplementary lighting system, air condition system (including ventilation and dehumidification fan), humidifying system, CO2 supply system, water supply and drainage system, environment automatic control and automatic fertilizer system, the power distribution and lighting system, etc.

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