Imagine a world in which pure, affordable drinking water is available to everyone. With the use of GR8 Water’s commercial and industrial Water Factories, this world is now within reach. With 11 model types, these GR8 Water Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s) are designed to produce from 10 gallons/38 liters to 3,000 gallons/11,356 liters of pure water per day – with optional air conditioning on some models.

Applications for the AWG’s are wide ranging. They can serve as modular “back up” units for municipal drinking water (in case a municipality would lose its water source to contamination or disaster). Excess water may also be bottled as a possible source of revenue or held in reserve.

Industries that may potentially benefit from GR8 Water’s solutions include: restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels/motels, restaurants, large institutions and military/emergency and disaster deployments.

But perhaps the “GR8est” benefit may go to people forced to rely on unsafe and far away drinking water sources. In many parts of the undeveloped world, people have no choice but to carry unsafe water for miles every day – unknowingly carrying disease and death to their families and loved ones. GR8 Water’s solutions will help put an end to this human suffering and bring pure water to many villages and towns throughout the world.

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