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The GR8 Water Factory extracts moisture from the ambient air in the atmosphere using a technologically advanced system that relies on the natural process of condensation to transform air into water. This water is then filtered using a special ozonation process and UV filtration to remove any impurities.

These environmentally-savvy units are super eco-friendly and extremely energy-efficient. The GR8 Water Factory uses a minimal amount of energy to produce water. Although final cost will depend on the cost of energy in your location, the average cost per gallon for delicious, clean water is sixteen to thirty-two cents at ten cents per kWh cost.

Yes. There is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.4 quadrillion gallons of water in our earth’s atmosphere at any given point in time, waiting to be converted into pure drinking water.

In the U.S., GR8 Water Factories use a standard 110V outlet. In Europe, a 220V outlet is required. The GR8 Water Factory can also be used with solar, wind, and/or gas/diesel generators, which makes it possible to generate clean water during power outages.

Water that moves through the GR8 Water AWG unit goes through an ozonation and UV filtration system that removes particulate matter as small as .01 microns. Water produced with the unit is 99% pure.

Water produced with the GR8 Water Factory goes through ozonation and filtration that eliminates any microorganisms, including bacteria, germs, and viruses. Ozonation has been in use for many years as a method to purify water and is a standard method for treating water in the U.S.

Installation couldn’t be simpler! The GR8 Water Factory needs no plumbing, pipes, or water lines – so there is nothing to install. Just plug in the unit and start producing and enjoying pure water right away.

Evidence has been presented in various published articles and studies that attest to the fact that bottled water is simply treated and processed tap water. In fact, some bottled water brands score lower than tap water when it comes to purity. Further, bottling water and drinking from plastic bottles is irresponsible for those who wish to be good stewards of the planet and the environment.

No. The computerized control system of the Water Factory will continually ozonate the water inside to eliminate any impurities in the water, keeping your water fresh and ready for you.

There is no funny taste or smell with water produced by the GR8 Water Factory. Any unpleasant odor or tastes that might exist in air are removed with the unit’s special filtration system.

Many studies have been done and results have been published that attest to the fact that tap water supplies and municipal water systems are brimming with contaminants and impurities. The water supply is also vulnerable to terrorist attack. The best way to be sure about what you are drinking is to make your own water.

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Reverse osmosis is a method of water filtration that involves forcing water through a membrane where contaminants are left behind on one side and clean water is forced through. The reverse osmosis process can reduce the amount of salt and inorganic material in water while removing microscopic parasites and viruses.

The formation of oxygen into ozone O3 occurs with the use of energy. This process is carried out by an electric discharge field as in the CD-type ozone generators (corona discharge simulation of lightning).Ozone is a naturally occurring component of fresh air. It can be produced by the ultraviolet rays of the sun reacting with the Earth’s upper atmosphere (which creates a protective ozone layer), by lightning or it can be created artificially with an ozone generator. The ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms whereas the normal oxygen molecule contains only two. Ozone is a very reactive and unstable gas with a short half-life before it reverts back to oxygen. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer man can produce, and will oxidize all bacteria, mold and yeast spores, organic material and viruses given sufficient exposure. In the home, ozone is often combined with activated carbon filtration to achieve a more complete water treatment.

UV filtration or ultraviolet light filtration is a system of filtering water that involves passing water through a clear chamber, exposing it to UV light. Exposure to UV light destroys bacteria and viruses and removes some organic contaminants while leaving no smell or taste in the water.

Ozone is primarily a disinfectant that effectively kills all biological contaminants. Ozone also oxidizes and precipitates iron, sulfur, and manganese so they can be filtered out of solution. Ozone will oxidize and break down many organic chemicals including many that cause odor and taste problems. Ozonation produces no taste or odor in the water. Since ozone is made of oxygen and reverts to pure oxygen, it vanishes without a trace once it has been used.

Ozonation requires electricity to operate. In an emergency situation when the power is out, it will not work Ozone is not effective at removing dissolved minerals and salts.

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