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Water Technologies provides Clean Water from Air and new Water Filtration Technologies that are Environmentally Safe and Clean. The ability to run our AWG’s or Atmospheric Water Generators on Solar, Wind and Natural Gas electric platforms is environmentally friendly. The generation of water from air is much more environmentally clean than say removing water via Desalinization from our fragile Oceans. The drawdown of our Lakes is questionable due to the pollutants that end up in the Ponds and Lakes. Our Patented Product line has Governments from around the Globe interested our products due to the on-going Global water crisis.


Water Zone is a commercial, industrial and residential water treatment company specializing in complete system design, installations and maintenance. Serving Florida since 1985, Water Zone provides cost-effective, innovative system design and prompt service.

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High Output Drinking Water From Air
By modulating the units we can produce tens of thousands of gallons of water
High Output Air Conditioning (optional)

Energy Source

25-year warranty
75-year life expectancy
5MW of power
10MW of power

AWG Product Slick Sheets

Mounted outside the home. Cold filtered water is fed into the home or building to a water dispenser.

Pro Cleanse

No power needed
290 Liters per day
76 Gallons per day

Packaged Wastewater

The SIMPOD Pre-engineered Package Wastewater Treatment Plant (the SIMPOD) is a new and unique solution to wastewater treatment.